About ANCO Care Services Limited – Making a Real Difference to the Lives of Individuals

At ANCO Care Services Limited, we provide exceptional care-at-home services. It is our mission to provide professional, person-centred support and care that promotes independence, dignity, and choice for people who find living on their own challenging due to frailty, illness, or disability.

With every service, we endeavour to provide our clients with the ability to continue to offer and/or receive quality care with the comfort of knowing that the staff delivering the care are of the highest standard and have been vetted thoroughly for suitability. It is our belief that our service is stronger with input from our clients, the organisations that use us, and our own staff, which is why we continually seek their feedback through our quality assurance systems to determine how we can improve our services.

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Quality Assurance

ANCO Care Services Limited operates a full-compliance service and quality assurance procedure. We understand that our clients must be confident the staff we provide have completed a thorough pre-employment screening process, and we ensure that our support workers not only have knowledge, skills, and experience in the ways of best practice, but also essential empathy, warmth, compassion, and excellent listening and communication skills. All staff new to care work are inducted to the Care Certificate standards. We believe passionately that our work is significant, and know from experience that it has a positive impact on the lives of clients, their families, and the community.

All of our employees voluntarily sign up to the Social Care Commitment, which is our public pledge to deliver high-quality care and support. ANCO Care Services Limited itself works to national standards and is registered with and regulated by the Care Quality Commission (England).


“Personal assistants who respect my wishes”

“I'm happy, comfortable in my home, and love my personal assistants who respect my wishes.”

Mrs K

“Just like they were family”

“My granny has had the same carers over the last two years. We get along really well; just like they were family.”

Mr R