Our Values and Approach

Our Home Care Values

At ANCO Care Services Limited, all of our home care services and activities are guided by a set of core values. They include:

  • Respecting individual choice and promoting inclusion, rights, and independence.
  • Empowering individuals to meet their needs and goals through a person-centred approach.
  • Providing our clients with the best solutions in terms and conditions based on their unique individual needs.
  • Supporting clients to receive services that they want with dignity and respect and to feel valued.
  • Treating all staff with fairness, listening to them, and enabling them to maximise their contribution.
  • Working with partners to deliver the best possible outcomes for the individuals we support.

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Our Approach

The ANCO Care Services Limited approach to care at home is person-centred, which involves valuing the individuality of each person. We take into account their needs, preferences, and strengths, and create the opportunity for them to make informed choices about their care and treatment in partnership with their health and social care practitioners.

Providing person-centred care also involves recognising and supporting the unique personal history and personality of individuals. Care at home is an ideal way to do this, as the client remains in their own home, even when they require full-time care, and the care plan is based around the lifestyle of the individual.

In our efforts to fulfil a client’s individual requirements, we also take into account legislation and client wellbeing. Specifically, in cases of dementia, our workers are trained to understand the world from the perspective and experiences of the person they are caring for, and be able to demonstrate empathy through action and support.