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Night Care & Sitting

For clients who require regular care, the night time can induce stress and anxiety, especially if they are left alone.

Delivering Three Types of Overnight Care

For clients who require regular care, the night time can induce stress and anxiety, especially if they are left alone. At ANCO Care Services Limited, we have a team of qualified night carers who deliver a selection of overnight care services. Flexible to meet the needs of the client, our overnight services usually start at 10:00 p.m. and last until 7:00 a.m. the following morning.
01. Overnight Care - Sleeping
This service involves a night carer sleeping at the client’s property for a minimum of eight hours. They will expect to get a reasonable night’s sleep, but are on hand if they are needed. This type of overnight care is best for clients that don’t require regular support but feel uncomfortable when left alone throughout the night. Anxieties that occur from being left alone overnight can soon be improved by the reassurance that a carer is on hand if needed. Also, sleep deprivation has the potential to make the client’s condition worse, so having the extra overnight care can help them to remain healthy and happy. If the carer is required more than twice during the night, it will be considered a waking night. However, night care from ANCO Care Services Limited is flexible, and if you find that your loved one is waking more frequently throughout the night, your night carer will adjust to meet their needs.
02. Overnight Care – Waking
Waking night care involves the carer being on duty throughout the night. This lasts for approximately ten hours; however, the timescale is flexible. The waking overnight care may be the best option if the client wakes several times throughout the night and needs support. Whether they wake up feeling disorientated or due to pain caused by a medical condition, the carer will be on hand to help. It is also the most suitable service for patients who frequently wake up to change position due to injury, or those who need medication to be administered at regular intervals throughout the night. As with the sleeping overnight care, the plan can be adjusted according to the client’s evolving requirements.
03. Day and Night Sitting
Alongside full overnight care, we also provide a comprehensive sitting service. This involves one of our carers arriving at the client’s property to keep them company, day or night, for between two and four hours. This allows the regular carer or family member to relax and take a break. It is also a great source of reassurance for clients who worry about being alone.

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